Environment-friendly organic fertilizer production line contributes to low carbon development


Organic fertilizer production line is to process organic waste with complete set of organic fertilizer equipment processing technology to eliminate harmful substances in it and reach harmless standard. To make the material into a kind of fertilizer in accordance with the relevant national standards and regulations. Organic fertilizer can provide nutrients for crop growth, improve soil fertility, improve fertilizer utilization rate and increase crop yield.

The products produced by the complete set of organic fertilizer equipment are chicken, pig and cow dung as the main raw materials, which are pure natural without any chemical components. The digestion capacity of chickens, pigs and cattle is relatively poor. The food consumed each time can only consume 25% of the nutrients, while the other 75% of the feed is discharged with feces, so that the dry products contain nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, organic matter, amino acids and eggs White matter, etc. After fermentation, the raw materials are further processed by a rotary drum granulator.
Environment-friendly organic fertilizer production line

With the country's increasing attention to the organic fertilizer market, it is generally believed that fertilizer production enterprises will face a complete set of organic fertilizer equipment upgrading reform. The enterprises that take the lead in the reform of organic fertilizer production line are expected to occupy a favorable position in the future market competition.

To improve the quality of organic fertilizer equipment, we should also develop towards the direction of energy saving, environmental protection and low carbon. For the complete organic fertilizer production line, it is to develop towards light, small and intelligent. We provide a variety of small granulation equipment, roller granulator, disc pelletizer machine, flat die pellet mill, low construction and investment costs. Organic fertilizer production equipment has high production efficiency and low operation cost. Environmental protection, low noise and clean operation environment are conducive to promoting organic fertilizer to go on the path of low-carbon development and green development.