New type fertilizer compaction granulation process-double roller granulator


In view of the need of chemical fertilizer production equipment upgrading, our factory has developed a roller granulator for compound fertilizer production, which is efficient and convenient, and opens up a new way to improve the added value of fertilizer products.

Advantages of new type fertilizer extrusion granulator

Roller press granulator has the characteristics of low investment, high efficiency, superior performance and easy to use. The compound fertilizer granulation is completed by using the double roller dry extrusion process, and the materials are directly pressed into particles at normal temperature. With this equipment, the multi-element compound fertilizer with ammonium bicarbonate, urea, ammonium chloride and ammonium phosphate as the base materials has high strength and good slow-release performance. The long-term, controlled-release and slow-release effects are achieved, and the fertilizer efficiency can be increased by more than 20%.
Fertilizer compaction granulation process-double roller granulator

At the same time, the roller granulator also solves the problems of insufficient strength of organic fertilizer particles produced by the current rotary drum granulator and disc granulator equipment. In addition, because the equipment adopts the new technology of dry powder roll pressing and granulation, there is no loss of materials and physical properties in production. In order to realize popularized production of equipment, it can meet the needs of different users.

The company is also working hard on the miniaturization and multi-function of the granulator, solving the problems of large size and low output rate of the old model equipment. The volume is only 1/5 of the old model equipment, and the efficiency is doubled. It is only 20% of the old equipment. It not only meets the needs of large-scale organic fertilizer production line, but also adapts to production in small factories.