Fertilizer equipment manufacturer provides automatic packing machine


Automatic quantitative packaging machine is a kind of mechanical equipment used for quantitative weighing and packaging of particles, powders and small pieces of bulk materials. It is highly automatic, and can carry out the operation steps of bag picking, bag clamping, loading, measuring, bag dropping and bag stripping, so as to realize the unmanned operation process. The final step in fertilizer production is packaging. The application of automatic packaging machine improves the automatic production level of NPK fertilizer production line and improves the product packaging quality. Next, this paper introduces the function of quantitative packaging machine.

Automatic quantitative packaging machine is widely used in grain and powder packaging of chemical industry, chemical fertilizer, grain, construction, food, medicine and other related industries. It can pack all kinds of materials with different shapes, stickiness or certain humidity quickly, especially for some materials with poor fluidity, high fineness and easy to produce dust. This machine realizes the automatic operation, does not need other personnel to operate, also gives the workshop other staff a good working environment.
Automatic Packing Machine

Quantitative packaging machine is divided into full-automatic and semi-automatic. In compound fertilizer production industry, semi-automatic packaging machine is still used more. In NPK fertilizer production line, the fertilizer granulator makes the materials into particles, and the particles are finally transported to the packing machine. The semi-automatic equipment requires the operator to cover the woven bag on the discharge port, and other steps such as weighing, filling or automatic completion by the machine. From the perspective of machine design, the two steps of bag supporting and bag covering are more complex to achieve. It is necessary to judge whether each step is in place to perform the next step. Therefore, the cost of the full-automatic fertilizer packaging machine is much higher than that of the semi-automatic equipment. In terms of the popularity, the semi-automatic packaging machine is more commonly used.