Compound fertilizer manufacturer supplies various equipment such as crusher


The compound fertilizer processing equipment is our main product. The production of the compound fertilizer equipment needs many parts. Let's take you to know about the pulverizer in NPK fertilizer production line.
There are many styles and models of the crusher. In the specific production, it is necessary to match the appropriate crusher according to the actual equipment specifications. Below we will briefly introduce a cage crusher commonly used in compound fertilizers.

Structure and function of cage crusher
The shell of the cage crusher is equipped with two rotors arranged in parallel with the main shaft, one of which is hung with a number of heavy hammers, the other is fixed with a drum rotor, and the two rotors are respectively driven by the motor for relative rotation. Materials enter the machine, through the high-speed rotating rotor, the materials will be broken, and then another low-speed rotating roller will extrude the materials, so as to achieve a more even material crushing. After crushing, the material is discharged from the discharge port under the machine. A scraper is mounted on the surface of the drum in the direction of the axis of the drum, and in a continuous operation, the cylinder is driven to reciprocate to clean the binder on the surface of the drum. Therefore, no parking is required and it is automatically cleaned up. It is also convenient to repair and maintain.
cage crushercage crusher
The cage crusher has the advantages of large production capacity, low energy consumption, low noise and stable operation. It is suitable for the comminution of ammonium phosphate, urea and mixed materials in the production of compound fertilizer and plays a role in the pretreatment of raw materials for the processing of compound fertilizer.

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