Supply small urea fertilizer cage crusher


Tianci fertilizer equipment Company specializes in the production of urea fertilizer cage crusher. The products we supply include cage crusher, organic compost crusher and other small, medium and large sized crushers. Before granulation of NPK fertilizer production line, it is necessary to crush the large urea into powder, and the cage crusher can complete this function well.

urea crusherurea crusher
Urea is an essential fertilizer in agricultural production. Most of the urea used in the early days was granular. With the rapid development of fertilizer industry, urea is widely used in the field of chemical raw material production. As a single fertilizer, when NPK fertilizer production line needs other kinds of fertilizer, urea will be mixed together as auxiliary material and main material. In order to ensure the uniformity of mixing and facilitate the granulation of fertilizer granulator, urea products must be crushed very fine by fertilizer crusher.

The cage crusher has the advantages of simple and compact structure, small floor area, convenient maintenance, good crushing effect, stable operation and easy cleaning, and it is the key of Monoammonium, diammonium, urea and other hard particles. When using the crusher, place the machine flat in a certain position in the workshop. It can be used without equipment foundation and power supply. The fineness of comminution is controlled by the distance between the two rollers of the fertilizer crusher. The smaller the spacing, the finer the fineness, the lower the output, the better the uniform comminution effect and the higher the output. The device can be designed to be mobile according to the user's requirements. It is very convenient for the user to move the corresponding position when using and when not using.

Considering that the fineness of the crushing will produce a certain amount of dust pollution, the dust treatment of the fertilizer crusher should also formulate perfect measures to ensure a good environmental condition in the production workshop and give the operators a good working environment. On the dust removal system of the NPK fertilizer production line, cyclone dust collector products can be used, which facilitates the collection and recovery of materials.