Advantages of flat die extrusion granulator compared to traditional organic fertilizer granulation


Organic fertilizer plays an important role in improving soil fertility, increasing the utilization rate of chemical fertilizer, inhibiting the absorption of nitrate nitrogen, heavy metals and pesticides by crops, purifying and repairing soil, reducing the occurrence of crop diseases, and promoting the ripe utilization of crop straw and municipal refuse. Fertilizer granulator machine specializing in the treatment of these organic wastes play an irreplaceable role. It plays a role in protecting the environment and improving the quality of crop products.

Flat die extrusion granulator is a new type of organic fertilizer granulation equipment produced by us. It has unique advantages compared with traditional organic fertilizer granulation methods.
flat die extrusion granulator

Flat die extrusion granulator is used to granulate organic materials after fermentation. Compared with the traditional organic fertilizer production, it has great advantages and is currently considered as a more effective fertilizer production method. Therefore, the machine It will be ideal for the production of organic fertilizer pellets.

The flat die extrusion granulator is designed with compacting rollers. The two sides of the rollers have the same linear speed as the inner and outer rings of the die. To some extent, it helps to avoid unnecessary friction between the die and the drum, reduce the energy consumption and production costs of the granulator, and prolong the service life of the die.

Because of the reasonable structure of the press roll, the machine runs smoothly and the pressure area increases relatively. In fact, the productivity of the flat die extrusion granulator is improved.

Flat die extrusion granulator adopts the screw center pressing structure, and the internal distance between the dies can be changed, so it is suitable for different raw materials. At the same time, it ensures the quality of organic fertilizer particles.

The granulating machine can be equipped with a diameter of 1.5mm to 20mm mold. Customers can choose their favorite organic fertilizer according to the raw materials, and make different diameter granules. Organic fertilizer granules are cylindrical.