How to Solve the Noise of Drying Machine in Sludge Biofertilizer Production


Sludge pollutes the environment, the noise generated by the process of making sludge into biofertilizer in the industry is also a kind of pollution. The noise will bring interference to people. Solving the noise problem in time has become the key problem for us to solve first. In the sludge biofertilizer production, the drying machine is the main heavy equipment and the main source of noise. How to reduce the noise in production?

In the fertilizer dryer equipment, the fan plays an important role as an important part of it. The fan is always in the running state during the drying process of the dryer. Therefore, due to the excessive fatigue of the fan, it is used for a period of time. After the time, noise will be generated. In the long-term uninterrupted overload operation of the fan, some large and small problems will inevitably occur. The noise is obvious. How should we solve such problems?
fertilizer drying machine

Fertilizer drying machine as a large-scale sludge biofertilizer production machinery, in general, we will increase the sealing degree or sound-proof cotton around the fan, but in the process of outdoor use, special attention should be paid to the temperature and ventilation of the fan, can not be blindly transformed, scientific and orderly process must not be carried out. The fan was burnt down because of excessive temperature and improper heat dissipation due to noise reduction. Fans can generally be divided into two kinds: induced draft fans and blowers. The function of induced draft fans is to expel the exhaust gas produced in the drying process quickly. The function of blowers is to provide fresh air to the heat source combustion equipment of the drying system. The two kinds of blowers will play their own roles in different drying conditions. Generation of general noise includes mechanical noise and aerodynamic noise. The most direct way to remove noise is to set up a sound insulation room outside the fan, which can greatly reduce the noise transmission of the fan. Another way is to set up a silencer in the place where the noise of the fan of the dryer machine is produced. It can directly eliminate the noise of the fan.