How to distinguish the material of disc granulator


Disc granulator is often used as granulation equipment of organic fertilizer production line and other industrial granulation equipment. When used in different industrial fields, users often have different requirements for the material of granulator. For example, in order to increase the acid resistance and corrosion resistance of the equipment, stainless steel is required.
disc granulator machine

Distinguish the material of disc granulator machine

It's a little unrealistic for customers to differentiate by chemical methods. Customers can not have so much time and energy to test the material of the equipment. Then the magnetic force of the magnet can be used to test whether it is 201 or 304 stainless steel.

Another simple method is to look at the surface finish and shade of granulation equipment. After polishing, some dark spots and pockmarks will be found on the stainless steel surface of 201 and 202 materials, while the surface of 304 material is smooth and tidy after polishing, without these problems.

To distinguish between 304,304L and 316,316l, it is difficult to distinguish them by physical methods.