How to dry granules in organic fertilizer production line


In the process of organic fertilizer production line processing, it is necessary to dry the organic fertilizer particles. The dryer is the main equipment used in the organic fertilizer production process. The drum dryer in our factory greatly reduces the drying cost, reduces the carbon emission and improves the production efficiency of organic fertilizer, which is loved by customers.
dry granules in organic fertilizer production line

The round particles with higher moisture content made by the disc granulator machine are transported to the dryer through the conveyor belt. With the rotation of the drying drum, the organic fertilizer particles are brought to a certain angle. When the dryer is installed, it is at a certain angle with the horizontal ground, and the picked-up granular material is fully in contact with the hot air to prevent heat loss. After the particles are heated, hot steam will go up to the upper end of the drying drum. Under the action of a high-power induced draft fan that removes dust and water vapor outdoors, water vapor and dust are discharged out of the drying device through the air inlet. Finally, low-moisture dried organic fertilizer particles are discharged out of the drum dryer from the material port and enter the next cooling section.