Introduction of cow manure organic fertilizer production line equipment


The organic fertilizer production line uses cow dung as raw material to produce organic fertilizer, which is reused in agriculture, which not only protects environment but also creates economic value. As one of the important raw materials of organic fertilizer, cow manure is loved by the economic crop practitioners all over the country, and it has an important position.

The characteristics of cow manure organic fertilizer are as follows

Cow manure organic fertilizer contains a lot of organic matter, which is an important source of organic matter in soil. It can improve soil, improve soil fertility, turn lean soil into fertile soil, and turn bad soil into good soil. Because the soil organic matter forms humus through the action of microorganism and physical chemistry, it can promote the formation of soil water stable aggregate structure, make the clay soil loose and easy to cultivate, and the sandy soil becomes structured.

What equipment does the cow dung organic fertilizer production line include?

The equipment of cow manure organic fertilizer includes fermentation compoat turning machine, disc granulator machine (or organic fertilizer granulator, flat die pellet mill, rotary drum granulator), horizontal mixer, drum screening machine, semi wet material crusher, cooler, drum dryer, coating machine, automatic quantitative packaging machine, etc.
cow manure organic fertilizer production line

Introduction to the performance of cow manure organic fertilizer equipment:

1. Energy saving and consumption reduction, stable operation, stable operation, compact process layout, scientific and reasonable, no three emissions, convenient maintenance and wide adaptability of raw materials.
2. Bio organic fertilizer, organic compound fertilizer, municipal sludge, domestic waste organic fertilizer, etc. are suitable for various proportions. It is an extension project of practical environmental protection technology. Chicken manure is rich in organic matter, which can provide nutrients for crop growth and improve soil.