How to install and debug the disc fertilizer granulator machine


After the user purchased the disc fertilizer granulator, the foundation was built according to the process flow chart designed by our factory, and the foundation holes were reserved on the foundation. The machine should not be installed until it has completely solidified. The main components of disc granulator machine are as follows:
① The main body of the disc granulator comprises a frame, a regulating part and a granulating disc;
② There is a main reducer, the input shaft is equipped with a pulley, and the output shaft is equipped with a pinion;
③ One main point machine, equipped with a belt pulley;
④ It supports the pelletizing disc device, including one main shaft, two sets of roller bearings and two bearing seats;
⑤ Accessories: V-belt, anchor bolt.

Installation position of spray pipe fittings for disc granulator

The overall structure of the disc granulator produced by our company includes the main part, spray pipe fittings, scraper, etc. the sealed type is equipped with sealing cover, and the spray pipe fitting and scraper assembly are hidden in the cover. Compared with the rotary drum granulator, it is more light and the disc fertilizer granulator occupies a smaller area. No matter open type or closed type, we usually install the spray pipe fittings on the left side of the cross brace, the upper left side of the disc, and the upper right side is reserved for the scraper assembly. After many experiments, this layout can completely achieve satisfactory balling effect, and the appearance is also quite elegant and beautiful.
The disc granulator has been adjusted before leaving the factory, and has passed strict quality and technical inspection and approved to leave the factory. However, due to on-site maintenance or problems after operation, the machine still needs to be adjusted again.
disc granulator machine

In this changeable market, technological progress not only represents the progress of enterprises, but also represents the technological upgrading of fertilizer production machine manufacturers. Moreover, with the development of the times, the differences in the fields of science and technology and the application of equipment will change the development path of fertilizer equipment in the future. Therefore, for the future development of enterprises, only continuous learning and innovation can enable enterprises to follow the pace of the times and move on to the road of future success.