What should be paid attention to in the granulation process of dry roller granulator


As a key equipment in industrial production, roller granulator is used in various industries, including mining and mineral, fertilizer and special chemicals. As a means to improve product characteristics and processing conditions, its use and maintenance are particularly important.
dry roller granulator

Matters needing attention during granulation of dry roller granulator:

1. Before granulation, the material should be quenched and tempered. The steam pressure must be stable, and the steam must be removed before conditioning. If there is a large amount of water in the steam, granulation blocking will be formed. After conditioning, the material is ripened to a certain extent, which can significantly improve the utilization rate of nutrients in feed.

2. The dry roller granulator is often used as fertilizer production machine. In the process of fertilizer granulation, the humidity and temperature of materials should be checked frequently. The way to check the humidity is: after kneading by hand, the material can be made into blocks. The temperature should be controlled between 75℃ and 95℃ stably.

3. The cooling of granulated particles must not be too fast or not. If the cooling is too fast, the surface of the particles will be cracked. If the cooling temperature is too high, the materials will be hygroscopic and form mould blocks. The material after cooling should be the same as room temperature.