Organic fertilizer equipment can solve the pollution problem of farms


In recent years, our country’s animal husbandry has made great progress, but it has also put a lot of pressure on the environment. In the actual process of livestock and poultry breeding, the sewage, harmful gases and feces produced by it have seriously polluted the surrounding environment. Therefore, how to deal with environmental pollution in the process of livestock and poultry breeding is an issue that must be paid attention to by relevant departments.

The manure of poultry and livestock in the farm contains a variety of mineral elements and nutrients. When applied to the cultivated land, it can promote the growth of crops. In reality, the utilization rate of livestock manure in many farms is very low.

Poultry and livestock manure contains a lot of water, which makes transportation inconvenient. Poultry manure can be dehydrated, and then after 15-20 days of fermentation, the high temperature generated during the fermentation process is used to kill harmful microorganisms and eggs in the manure, as well as the transformation of microorganisms to absorb the raw materials that are not used by crops. The ingredients are converted into easily absorbable ingredients.

Poultry manure contains relatively low nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium content, which supplements the nutrients needed for crop growth. One mu of land requires 1-2 tons of poultry manure. Compared with inorganic fertilizers, more manpower is required, and there are no specialties of agricultural equipments required for biofertilizer production for applying farmyard manure in the market.

There is no good communication between the pig farmers and the growers. Therefore, most growers prefer to use inorganic fertilizers, and it is difficult to dispose of poultry manure. With the combination of planting and breeding, the two parties of planting and breeding can become partners or even the same person, and they can communicate well.

To solve this problem, the rational use of organic fertilizer equipment is particularly important. For small-scale farmers, you can use a powdered organic fertilizer production line to produce powdered organic fertilizer, store it in bags, and use it when fertilizing.

If the scale of planting and breeding is too large, a granular organic fertilizer production line by fertilizer manufacturing equipment can be used to process poultry manure as a raw material into granular organic fertilizer, and a fertilizer planter can be used to sow the fertilizer.

The growth of organic fertilizers, a development model that can recycle organic waste, can resolve the long-standing acute conflict between environment and development. Component recycling economy is an inevitable choice and important guarantee for the implementation of sustainable development strategies.