What equipment is needed for the cow dung powdered organic fertilizer production line?


What fertilizer manufacturing equipment do you need to make cow dung into powdered organic fertilizer?

1. Turning and throwing machine. The function of this machine is to evenly turn the fermented materials to make them fully contact with the air, disperse part of the water, and break up large pieces of material and small pieces of material into powder. There is a crusher the role of.

2. Forklift feeder, the function of this machine is to store fermented materials and transport them to the next link evenly and quantitatively. The machine is equipped with a frequency converter, which can adjust the conveying speed of the belt conveyor. An anti-smashing net is added to the silo, which can make the materials slowly fall into the silo and separate large pieces of materials. The middle and lower part of the silo is equipped with an anti-blocking stirring device to prevent material blocking.

3. New type chain crusher, the function of this machine can crush the fermented material into powder with more than 40 meshes, and the moisture content of the material should be controlled below 40%.

4. Drum screening machine, the function of this machine is to screen the crushed materials, and the finished materials enter the next step. Since the screened material is semi-wet, the mesh is easy to be blocked, and anti-blocking and striking devices are generally installed. Large lumps or granular materials are sieved out to see their ingredients for re-fermentation or discarded.

5. Dynamic batching machine. The function of this machine is to batch several materials in strict accordance with the set ratio. The several materials are aggregated on a belt conveyor and conveyed to the mixer for mixing. The batching accuracy of this machine is 5‰.

6. Double shaft mixer or single shaft mixer, both of the equipments required for biofertilizer production can play the role of continuous mixing belt transportation, which can fully mix the materials evenly.

7. Buffer silo. The function of this machine is to store finished organic fertilizer materials. The machine is equipped with a frequency converter to adjust the speed of the conveyor. It is possible to realize the electrical control of the packaging scale to convey materials when needed, and to stop conveying when not needed, so as to ensure that the powder packaging scale has flowing materials at any time without causing material blockage.

8. Powdery finished product packaging scale, the function of this machine is to quantitatively pack finished materials (20-50 kg), with bucket (weigh the weight before the card bag, and directly blank the bag after the card) and no bucket (drop after the card bag) Material weighing) Two models, there are bucket scales equipped with automatic folding machine, automatic sewing machine, automatic trimming machine, only one person is required to operate.