How to Prevent Fertilizer Caking in NPK Compound Fertilizer Production Process


The longer the compound fertilizer is placed, the easier it will cake. On the contrary, the shorter the storage time, the more difficult it will cake. In order to avoid caking of compound fertilizer, what problems should we pay attention to in NPK fertilizer production process? Tianci fertilizer machine manufacturers will give you a detailed introduction, hoping to help you:
npk fertilizer production process
A. Reasonable selection of raw materials, i.e. non-caking raw materials as raw materials for our production, such as trace element foliar fertilizer, iron, copper, manganese, zinc, sulfate, boric acid and ammonium molybdate as raw materials, with magnesium sulfate as the main additive. When the main material is dry and the air is not too humid, the manure produced is not caking. The manure with humic acid as the main raw material and the manure with amino acid as the main raw material is not easy to caking. In addition, the selected materials should be as dry as possible.

B. Choose the suitable production time. Because of the concentrated rainy season and the high temperature season in some areas, the production of NPK compound fertilizer should avoid this season as far as possible. When the air humidity is low and the temperature is not high, the probability of caking will be lower.

C. Fertilizer granulator machine processing technology can prevent caking. It is difficult to crystallize and agglomerate because of the small contact area between the particles and the particles. Therefore, NPK fertilizer production process is best combined with granulation process, granulation is a better way to prevent fast setting.

D. Some anti-caking agents, such as talc powder, humic acid and other non-caking powders, are added to the raw materials of fertilizer granulator. These materials play a bridge-breaking role, and some surfactants can also be added to prevent caking.

E. Products should be packaged reasonably to prevent moisture absorption and air permeability, and to prevent extrusion of packaging materials. Packing bags during transportation and storage should not be too high, which can also effectively prevent caking problems.

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