How to Use Sheep Manure Resources to Produce Organic Fertilizer


In addition to about 25% organic matter, sheep manure also contains NPK. Fermented sheep manure can improve soil structure, enhance fertilizer efficiency, stimulate growth and improve soil chemical and biological activities. Sheep manure organic fertilizer not only improves soil fertility level, but also enhances soil water-holding and water supply capacity, stimulates the growth of crop roots and enhances soil drought resistance.

Sheep manure is a kind of fertilizer material with more organic matter and faster fertilizer efficiency. It has a very good effect as an organic fertilizer. Sheep manure organic manure has many advantages:
1. It has the function of regulating soil temperature and enhancing the function of alleviating the harm of low temperature and high temperature.
2. The comprehensive function of improving soil microorganism and soil enzyme activity can prevent and control soil pesticides, heavy metals, organic pollutants pollution and reduce water eutrophication pollution.  

Processing technology of sheep manure organic fertilizer granulating production line
Sheep manure can be made into organic fertilizer by industrial mechanical processing of organic fertilizer production line. The processing technology of sheep manure in organic fertilizer granulating production line is mainly divided into fermentation, crushing, mixing, granulating, drying and cooling, packing. The sheep manure was treated by organic fertilizer granulating production line. And the materials are automatically turned by the mechanical equipment such as the composting machine during the fermentation, and the fermentation time is short, and the fermentation is generally completed in 22-25 days.
sheep manure organic fertilizer fermentation

Sheep manure organic fertilizer production equipment has low energy consumption. The process of organic fertilizer production line makes full use of the characteristics of composting bio-heat which can evaporate a large amount of water. It not only consumes low energy and has low labor intensity, but also can control the humidity of fermentation materials. Organic fertilizer granulator makes fertilizer into granules to reduce the loss of effective nutrients. The new type organic fertilizer granulator is suitable for a wide range of raw materials and low energy consumption.