Reasons for dry extruding granulation by roller granulator


Dry extruding granulation is a process in which the primary and intermediate particles are pressed into large particles by using a double roller granulator, which is of great benefit to the whole organic fertilizer production line. Dry granulation is mainly due to the following reasons.

1. The roller granulator fixes the proportion of raw materials to avoid the separation of different fertilizers in the later stages of the production process
2. Improve the circulation of powder, so that there is no problem in the whole process of transportation and delivery to the middle and downstream processing technology, and prevent agglomeration and bridging.
3. Before further middle and downstream production and processing, carry out processing of powdery materials, such as increasing the fluid density of tablet particles. Granular raw materials that can be melted or dispersed more reasonably.
dry extruding granulation by roller granulator
4. The roller granulator makes the fertilizer particles high density to reduce the loss during the whole process of storage, transportation and packaging, and reduce the inconvenience.
5. Manipulate smoke and dust, reduce the risk of the natural environment, and reduce environmental pollution.