What is the price of a cow and sheep manure organic fertilizer production line?


We know that the extensive use of chemical fertilizers has greatly increased crop yields and guaranteed people's basic material lives. However, due to long-term excessive use of chemical fertilizers, soil fertility has declined, and the quality of agricultural products has declined, and food products have been threatened. In order to solve the negative effects caused by the use of chemical fertilizers, the extensive use of organic fertilizers is a good solution. On the one hand, the breeding waste of breeding enterprises needs to be processed, and on the other hand, there is a huge market demand for organic fertilizers, which promotes the rapid development of complete sets of equipments required for biofertilizer production.

In terms of the current market conditions, my country's commercial organic fertilizer production capacity is still very backward, and its production volume is far from meeting the demand for land. In response to this situation, many investors aimed at this market gap. However, the current organic fertilizer manufacturing equipment is generally bulky, redundant in structure, and severely corroded, and there is no special research institution to research, optimize and improve the corresponding equipment. Although some colleges and universities have conducted certain research on agricultural equipment, few can industrialize and practicalize the research results. The theories, concepts, and processes of advanced manufacturing technology have not been applied to agricultural machinery.

From the perspective of the production line of cattle and sheep manure organic fertilizer, from the early fermentation to the later crushing, mixing, granulating, drying, cooling, screening and packaging, each process requires corresponding equipment to complete. Among them, the rotary dryer and rotary cooler is very conspicuous. In terms of weight and size, these two equipment is considered heavyweights in the entire production line. In fact, these two types of equipment now also have replaceable new types of equipment that can perform the same functions and are more environmentally friendly, such as counter-flow cooling towers. In order to meet the requirements of fertilizer production, organic fertilizer equipment is constantly being updated to realize the transformation of scientific research theory into productivity.

So what is the price of a cow and sheep manure organic fertilizer production line? This involves the annual production output, finished product requirements, degree of automation, etc., so there will be big differences in prices. In short, only by choosing the right production line equipment according to our product market positioning can we obtain satisfactory products.