How to use Bulk Blending Fertilizer


Bulk blending fertilizer have balanced fertilizer efficiency, comprehensive nutrients and low cost, which play an important role in agricultural fertilization. BB fertilizer has a high effective content of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. After using BB fertilizer as base topdressing fertilizer, it is not necessary to apply other chemical fertilizers again, which can reduce the number and number of fertilization and save labor.

Where bulk blending fertilizer was applied to paddy fields, the seedlings grew well balanced and robust, resistant to insects and diseases, heading neatly and mature early. When mixed fertilizer is applied to rice, the grain is full and the seed setting rate can reach about 95%. Compared with the same varieties of crops, rice can increase by about 30 kg per mu.

BB fertilizer formula is scientific and targeted, and the bulk blending fertilizer machine can prepare special fertilizer according to different conditions. 1. For different kinds of crops, there are rice BB fertilizer, sugarcane BB fertilizer, rape BB fertilizer, fruit and vegetable BB fertilizer, etc. 2. For different soils: red soil paddy field BB fertilizer, dryland BB fertilizer, etc. 3. For different crop growth period: there are rice BB fertilizer, early rice Datian BB fertilizer, late rice Datian BB fertilizer.
bulk blending fertilizer machine

Some countries in North America and Europe have formed a warehouse-based marketing model combining centralized production and decentralized distribution, that is, BB fertilization model, mainly for large-scale specialized crops such as grains, beans, cotton and so on. This method of fertilization of blended fertilizers greatly reduces human input.

The composing of bulk blending fertilizer machine is simple, and only a few simple machines are needed to complete NPK fertilizer compounding. Bulk blending fertilizer mixer is the core equipment of BB fertilizer production. It completes the mixing of different particles without destroying the fertilizer particles. Bulk blending fertilizer mixer is popular among fertilizer factories because of its high output and low price.