High quality and inexpensive fertilizer production line to Nigeria


The organic fertilizer production line to Nigeria was successfully delivered. The following is the scene picture of the factory loading.
disc granulator machine to NigeriaFertilizer dryer to Nigeria


The mixer has high mixing speed and good uniformity. Viscous materials with 30% liquid can be mixed together. During operation, there are two counter rotating rotor blades. Because no matter what the shape of the material, the blade has many special angles. What is the size and density? It can be mixed quickly and effectively. The opening speed is lower and the residue is small.

Disc granulator machine

The material is granulated by the rotation of the main body of the granulator. Under the disc, a connecting screw is installed between the square box and the base, and a handle is provided. The inclination angle of the disc can be adjusted by rotating the handle. Usually the inclination range is between 35° and 55°. The distance from the top to the bottom of the plate is small, the slope is slow, the ball movement is relatively slow, and the discharge is relatively slow. Otherwise, the discharge is faster. It is different from the working principle of the roller granulator. It should be noted that when adjusting the disk surface, the operation must be stopped.

Fertilizer dryer

This machine uses heat energy to dry materials. The raw materials enter the dryer cylinder, and the temperature in the cylinder reaches about 150 degrees. According to different materials, the temperature can be adjusted to vaporize the moisture in the material. To remove the moisture in the material, a certain amount of heat energy is needed. This method usually uses air to dry materials. The air is heated in advance and sent to the drying machine. The heat is transferred to the material. The moisture in the material is vaporized to form steam, which is taken out of the dryer with the air.
Bucket elevator to NigeriaPacking machine to Nigeria

Packing machine

The packaging equipment packs granular materials and sends them to the finished product warehouse through conveyor equipment. Granular materials are quantitatively weighed and packaged through automatic packaging.


Bucket elevator, belt conveyor: the link of organic fertilizer production line, can be equipped with belt conveyor, bucket elevator or screw conveyor according to the actual needs of customers.