Organic fertilizer granulation production equipment runs in Xinjiang


The sustainable development of organic fertilizer is also due to the current status of cultivated land and soil. Long term cultivation of the same land gives organic fertilizer a lot of room to play. Organic fertilizer production line plays an important role. Good organic fertilizer equipment can produce high-quality organic fertilizer with low elimination rate under the same raw materials, improve the production efficiency of enterprises, and meet the purpose of energy conservation and environmental protection.

A kind of roller extrusion granulation fertilizer production line designed by our factory has been put into operation in Xinjiang, China. This complete set of equipment can reuse chicken manure, cow manure, sheep manure, straw, sawdust, leaves and other wastes to make high-quality organic fertilizer.
Organic fertilizer granulation production equipment runs in Xinjiang

The circulation of organic fertilizer in the market is usually in the form of powder or granule. In the production of granular organic fertilizer, roller granulator should be used to help extrude and shape. Roller granulator uses pressure to agglomerate the solid materials, and then extrudes the material by two counter rotating roller shafts, which are driven by eccentric sleeve or hydraulic system. When the solid material is extruded, the air between the powder particles is removed first, so that the particles are rearranged and the material gap is discharged.
Organic fertilizer granulation production equipment runs in XinjiangOrganic fertilizer granulation production equipment runs in Xinjiang

In the process of granulation, the granulated powder materials should be fed into the organic fertilizer extrusion granulator, and then the powder materials should be compacted tightly by external force. Due to the different ways of external force used, the molecules are recombined to make the materials become oval particles. The whole process of generation and extrusion is to use mechanical operation to make the material form.

If you want the particles to be spherical, you can also replace the pelletizing equipment with a disc granulator machine. Different granulators have different shapes. The whole organic fertilizer production line can be equipped with different granulators according to the needs.