Estonian compost machine delivery site


Compost machine adopts hydraulic operation system, tie-rod type steering wheel operation and crawler-type travelling. The working width is up to 3m and the height can reach 1.3m. Crawler-type compost turner has strong working capacity and large production, suitable for large organic fertilizer factories.  This Estonian compost machine is sturdy and durable, with strong power and advanced technology, thus the machine is recognized as the strong one among compost turner. The compost machine will not be used in the npk fertilizer manufacturing process. It is only used in the production process of organic fertilizer or the production line process of biological organic fertilizer.
Estonian compost machine delivery site
The client of Aisani bought a set of compound fertilizer production line equipment from our company before, but this time he bought a flip machine, because the client wanted to change from compound production to organic fertilizer production.Then this can be changed is the core of the fertilizer in the process of production of fertilizer granulator, this fertilizer granulator is drum granulation, before the customer from our company to buy fertilizer pelleting machine is our company's latest products, not only can be organic fertilizer granulation, also can undertake compound fertilizer granulation, is the star product in fertilizer industry.
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